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Viking Compass Pet Tag, Vegvisir Etched Brass, Full Design - 1.25 inch Square

Viking Compass Pet Tag, Vegvisir Etched Brass, Full Design - 1.25 inch Square

This is our full design (like our necklace) of the Viking Compass etched in brass with the name of your fur buddy on the back.

This Viking Compass, or Vegvísir is an Icelandic word that literally translates to "direction sign" or "see the way". This is said to help prevent one from getting lost and to find their way home.

In modern culture the Vegvísir is often referred to as the Runic (or Viking) Compass. This symbol originates from an Icelandic book of magic circa 1600.

Vegvísir was once drawn on a person's forehead with blood to prevent them from getting lost. We've made it a little easier and transformed it into a pet tag that you can attach to your fur buddy's collar!

The example of the back of the tag shown is on the 1" round. Your tag will be on the 1.25" square.
Size: 1.25" square
Metal: Brass (golden in color)


You have the option of adding your telephone and address etched on the back.

Indicate your font choice when ordering and the information you'd like to have on the back of the tag. If you'd like the font that is shown on the tag in the photo, there's no need to pick a font from the list.

Each dog tag is made by me, from brass and given a nice warm patina. We have applied a clear sealant to slow down the tarnish of aging.


Your pet tag colors may appear different than the tag shown in the listing because of photo lighting and monitor differences.
Metal - Brass
Brass is golden in color. 

Each tag will vary in color and no 2 will ever be exactly the same.

Natural patinas vary in shades of dark and light browns to pinkish browns and the pet tag you receive may not be exactly as shown in the photo. If you have any questions, please contact me before placing your order. 


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